My Top Tips

Don't listen to other people's stories.

Everyone has a story about their health insurance. Some good. Some bad. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to ensure you are getting the right answers for your situation (because everyone's is different!).

Don't assume health insurance costs too much.

Find out what your options are before you decide not to get your health insurance. You might even qualify for financial assistance. More people are happy with the cost of their insurance versus those who are not.

Get help with the application.

It is very important that your information is correct so that you are offered the right plans at the right prices. Don't feel like you have to do it yourself and take the chance of making a mistakge. Call or email me! I can help you with who to claim as a household member, calculating your income and making changes as they pop up throughout the year such as addess, income and additional family members.

Don't pay an insurance bill.

(Without talking to me first!). Never pay a bill from your insurance company without looking into it first. I've been able to help many clients discover errors in the billing that wound up saving them hundreds of dollars.

Understand the penalties.

Did you know that every year the penalty for not having health insurance increases!? And, they are based on your income. At a minimum the fine is $325. Contact me to lean more about the penality you would be facing.

Don't wait 2-3 hours for help.

There are horror stories about Californians on hold, waiting upwards of 3 hours for help with health insurance. Call me and you'll get the help you

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